Friday, October 31, 2008

pumpkin carving

Happy Halloween!

carving a pumpkin "butt", originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

the Sunday before Halloween, we went to Minnie Mouses' house and carved pumpkins.

So we lined the kids up on the couch (one sibbling to be added to this bunch in the new year, plus Sara's, plus another friend that is due to have her 2nd any day now)

the kiddoes

and then we lined the pumpkins up too...

5 little pumpkins

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Halloween fun

batman. robin, catwoman and mom

The Friday, a week before Halloween (yeah, I know, I'm behind) we went to a fundraiser pumpkin walk and trick-or-treated, drank hot chocolate and dipped our own donuts in chocolate and sprinkles. yum.

Minnie and her dad met us there...
minnie and dad

isn't she SO cute??

Pumpkin my mom made

IMG_4546, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

love fall decorations..
especially my new fall decoration, this little guy.
My mom made him for me... isn't he cute?

The best thing of all? When Halloween is over, you can turn him around like this...


and he'll carry you straight to Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Decorating

There have been so many great posts out there by bloggers about how to decorate for fall. Reciently, I saw much more beauty than they could ever dream up...

a welcoming front door

check out those porch flowers and spruces- I'm definitely after one of these for our porch- and I think I could keep it alive too since it's on the porch and right by the door...

pumpkin potpouri

these baby potpourris are adorable. I wouldn't be able to have them until Matthew (and Sophia) were much too old to think that they were fun to throw and pretend to eat...

table centerpiece

I think this is a great centerpiece... it'd go with my kicthen's colors too...

window vignette

if only i had a window sill large enough to sit something on...

sun room

fall vignette

I really liked this little guy- and Matthew left him alone too... wonder if I'd have that much luck here...

bird stool

I think I could make this... with my dad's help/ guiding hand/ tools.

folk art

I've noticed lately that my preference is leaning towards this kind of art- what would you call it? Folk/ Primitive?

decked out table

fallish shelf


their outdoors was gorgeous too... be still my heart...

fall mums

I wouldn't even have to have that hot tub....


bird bath

outdoor steps

I really want to do something like this in our back yard... we only have enough of a hill for say- 3 or 4 steps though... it'd make the hill look nicer.

backdoor greeter

so much cuteness, I can't even say...

hanging pot

simple small wreath

if I could find a small grapevine wreath, I could make this wreath above, I'm almost certain.

more mums

My only wonder is what she does with all of the potted mums when the season is over? plant them and buy more? store them somewhere for next year.... will they go dormant and live through the winter in a terracotta pot?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fort Days Star

IMG_4552, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

This is what I got at Fort Days... It was my first purchase from the craft booths there. When I got it, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it... couldn't put it on the door- it'd get weathered quickly on our uncovered porch... I think it looks great in the living room though... It helps transform the look of the whole room, or at least I think so...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Potty training on hold again

Seems as if every time that Matthew starts doing well with potty training, he has a bad day or two at the same time that something else crazy is going on- and I throw my hands up in the air and put it on hold for a bit.

Why are we stalling this time? Because Erik is home and stuck to the couch, for nearly a week now. He's been to the Doctor and had an MRI... some arthritis, some swelling which likely caused the pinched nerve... and internal displacia.

Our family Doctor's office, which I was singing the praises of just weeks before Sophia was born, will now be losing our business. We've had too many disapointments since then with their office to continue trusting them for our family's care.

Any how- prayers are appreciated greatly in this time, both for Erik's back and for my sanity.

More fun posts about our Fort Days when this has started to clear up. :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

spicy lime chicken

spicy lime chicken, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

We had this dish last week. It's from the dream dinners cookbook- I think it was better this time than last time... 2nd half of the batch was frozen for another dinner. I still thik that's such an awesome way to cook.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

poping in...

we've been busy busy traveling, but now we're back and working on getting into the swing of things...

While you're waiting on an update of our extended weekend, hop on over to see Sara's wee one, or say a prayer ofd thanksgiving that Frances' little GIRL has finally arrived! yeah- a friend for Sophia.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ready for a fall fashion show?

ready for a fashion show?, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

Sophia woke up in a good mood, and her brother was sleeping... so why shouldn't we have some fun getting ready for Fort Days and cooler fall weather?

cordory overalls

first we tried on a cute white blouse with some overalls that were Matthew's when he was little. Every baby girl should have a white dressy blouse in her wardrobe.

a happy girl

to girl it up a little, we added this headband. Erik doesn't like it, but I do. I think I've always liked headbands on baby girls... well, some headbands- this one is one of the good kind (I think any way... it's ok if you agree with Erik).

ready for my close up

in between outfit changes, I just had to take a moment to pause and marvel at this beautiful girl God has given us.

ok- now that you've adored her too, we can get back to the runway...


hey! Remember this dress? (my mom still hasn't made hers)

It is a bit... summery- but look... when you add this cartigan ->

dress with sweater

pretty cute huh? I'd have to add some tights so no old ladies yelled at me for having baby skin exposed to the elements though... I got enough lectures when Matthew was little to know that once the weather gets colder, you cover the baby. (My favorite was when we walked into Church on a rainy night and someone in the gathering area practically yelled across the space "no SHOES on that BABY!?!" Well, yes, it was a cold and rainy night but he WAS wearing socks and he was covered in a blanket while we were outdoors....)

denim overalls

how about the ever adorable overalls, with fall colored turtleneck?

doll shirt

or the long sleeved white shirt with coordinating pants? Isn't that top the cutest? I was thinking a few days before Mia got this for her that I had never seen a little girl shirt with a doll on it, which would make sense since boy shirts have trucks on them...

purple shirt

another shirt that goes with the pants (Can you tell that she was loosing her enthusiasm?)

pink outfit

and the final outfit- because Sophia had had enough and was ready to nap again...

So- what do you think? Which outfit is the cutest and therefore wins the award for family pictures in a beautiful fall Pennsylvania setting??