Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ready for a fall fashion show?

ready for a fashion show?, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

Sophia woke up in a good mood, and her brother was sleeping... so why shouldn't we have some fun getting ready for Fort Days and cooler fall weather?

cordory overalls

first we tried on a cute white blouse with some overalls that were Matthew's when he was little. Every baby girl should have a white dressy blouse in her wardrobe.

a happy girl

to girl it up a little, we added this headband. Erik doesn't like it, but I do. I think I've always liked headbands on baby girls... well, some headbands- this one is one of the good kind (I think any way... it's ok if you agree with Erik).

ready for my close up

in between outfit changes, I just had to take a moment to pause and marvel at this beautiful girl God has given us.

ok- now that you've adored her too, we can get back to the runway...


hey! Remember this dress? (my mom still hasn't made hers)

It is a bit... summery- but look... when you add this cartigan ->

dress with sweater

pretty cute huh? I'd have to add some tights so no old ladies yelled at me for having baby skin exposed to the elements though... I got enough lectures when Matthew was little to know that once the weather gets colder, you cover the baby. (My favorite was when we walked into Church on a rainy night and someone in the gathering area practically yelled across the space "no SHOES on that BABY!?!" Well, yes, it was a cold and rainy night but he WAS wearing socks and he was covered in a blanket while we were outdoors....)

denim overalls

how about the ever adorable overalls, with fall colored turtleneck?

doll shirt

or the long sleeved white shirt with coordinating pants? Isn't that top the cutest? I was thinking a few days before Mia got this for her that I had never seen a little girl shirt with a doll on it, which would make sense since boy shirts have trucks on them...

purple shirt

another shirt that goes with the pants (Can you tell that she was loosing her enthusiasm?)

pink outfit

and the final outfit- because Sophia had had enough and was ready to nap again...

So- what do you think? Which outfit is the cutest and therefore wins the award for family pictures in a beautiful fall Pennsylvania setting??


cbk said...

Definitely the dress -- how adorable!! What fabric did you make it from? I really like it. :)

Nina :) said...

My fav is the dress (w/cardigan of course) or the purple outfit w/brown cords. So cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress and cardigan!!!! I even love the headband - sorry Erik. Fort Days will be fun in any outfit! I can't wait!!!
Love, Mia

Sarah said...

I'm gunning for purple and brown! Absolutely adorable!

Susan said...

I think Mom's dress wins (LOL - i know that she hasn't made it yet...but just thought I would put that in) I can't wait to see her ...she has gotten so big!!!

Kent & Paige said...

ok, yes the dress and cardigan are cute...but the baby is even cuter. Looks just like you Leslie!

Missing the fall weather. :)


Sara Hamilton said...

Definately the dress and cardigan. For one thing, it's super cold up there as I recall. But, this also gives you flexibility for bringing her inside and cooling off a bit if needed. Not too mention that it will get extra cuddos for being a mom original!