Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Decorating

There have been so many great posts out there by bloggers about how to decorate for fall. Reciently, I saw much more beauty than they could ever dream up...

a welcoming front door

check out those porch flowers and spruces- I'm definitely after one of these for our porch- and I think I could keep it alive too since it's on the porch and right by the door...

pumpkin potpouri

these baby potpourris are adorable. I wouldn't be able to have them until Matthew (and Sophia) were much too old to think that they were fun to throw and pretend to eat...

table centerpiece

I think this is a great centerpiece... it'd go with my kicthen's colors too...

window vignette

if only i had a window sill large enough to sit something on...

sun room

fall vignette

I really liked this little guy- and Matthew left him alone too... wonder if I'd have that much luck here...

bird stool

I think I could make this... with my dad's help/ guiding hand/ tools.

folk art

I've noticed lately that my preference is leaning towards this kind of art- what would you call it? Folk/ Primitive?

decked out table

fallish shelf


their outdoors was gorgeous too... be still my heart...

fall mums

I wouldn't even have to have that hot tub....


bird bath

outdoor steps

I really want to do something like this in our back yard... we only have enough of a hill for say- 3 or 4 steps though... it'd make the hill look nicer.

backdoor greeter

so much cuteness, I can't even say...

hanging pot

simple small wreath

if I could find a small grapevine wreath, I could make this wreath above, I'm almost certain.

more mums

My only wonder is what she does with all of the potted mums when the season is over? plant them and buy more? store them somewhere for next year.... will they go dormant and live through the winter in a terracotta pot?

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