Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring has Sprung?

happy to be in the sun!, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

I sure hope so. Matthew was quite wound up from the play time in the sun, but he slept pretty well because of it too...

maybe I'll wear my hat..., originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

Matthew looked terribly cute in his CAT hat that he got from my dad last year (or maybe the year before?). And look- it fits him now!!

nah, take the hat off, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

...though I never was able to talk him into leaving it on his head.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

finding the first egg, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

Ok. so it didn't snow all day long- but it was pretty dang cold. The Easter Bunny left eggs down our hallway for Matthew to find... he was pretty excited, he knew what to expect in the eggs... he'd done something similar before when we visited Mia and Bebop.

sneaky boy, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

After we got home from Church, while Erik and I (well, mainly Erik) were making lunch, Matthew found out that he could open his eggs and get the chocolate out... all. by. himself. I don't think he got too many, though we'll never be sure...

You'd think by the picture above that this was where he got caught sneaking the chocolate. What a happy boy to get to open a huge chocolate egg! I think he was a little, um... disappointed maybe with the surprise inside the cadbury egg? after he'd broken through by eating 1/2 the chocolate shell, he quit. Maybe he just decided he'd had enough chocolate for the day?

Happy Easter

IMG_1700, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

Friday, March 21, 2008

a new buddy

Monkey goes to the doctor, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

With the new shelves, Matthew was able to reach his Monkey buddy and give him a proper check up. This guy has been with us since Matthew's birth (Aunt Monkey Sue brought him to the hospital), but was always so much bigger than Matthew, that he wasn't really an option for Matthew to carry around with him...

hey buddy, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

Then after we changed clothes, Monkey got a ride on the "bi-kul-kul-kul".

He needed a coat mom!, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

And later that afternoon before we were able to head out the door, Monkey needed a jacket too. Luckily I had the baby clothes out because I've been going through them to see what we'll be able to use this time around, so it wasn't a difficult request to fulfil.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

imaginative boy

imaginative boy, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

This Play Doh pocket knife became an airplane... can't you see it? He thought it up all on his own, and I'd say it provided 30 minutes of entertainment?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

IKEA Enetri shelves

my helper, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

They're up! Finally!! It took a while to get motivated to move the computer desk over to make room, but the shelves are up!
Matthew's super dooper Uncle Mike made a trip to IKEA to pick these up for us, then Mia and Bebop picked them up from his house, brought them to their house, and then to our house! What a travelin' pair those two are! I do have to admit, road trips ARE a lot of fun when your traveling buddy is your best friend.
As you can see, Matthew was a big help with the "turn turn"-ing of the process.

my little helper, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

I had to move everything out of the room EXCEPT for the computer desk to get these babies together, and even then it was a tight squeeze.

Enetri shelves, from IKEA, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

I'd promised myself that I'd leave them empty until we'd screwed in the child safety tip resistant thing-a-ma-bob that came with it. Although I doubt they'd fall over because of their current position, partially blocked by the large computer desk, I didn't want to take any chances of a little person deciding they looked like a ladder that would be fun to climb, and having them and a ton of stuff fall on top of the little explorer.

IKEA Enitri shelves, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

A day later- they looked like this...
Why is it that horizontal surfaces tend to collect junk? I decided to put an end to the junk stacking, clear the shelves off and break out the drill. With the shelves secured to the wall, they've started filling up with less junky looking items- most from the shelves that were hanging above the computer. I've taken those down now, and they'll be making the move to the basement in a few months (weeks?!?) with the computer desk.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"a Mi-kul truck"

"a Mi-kul truck", originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

Matthew found a favorite toy at Mia and Bebop's house. Duke drove and Tom rode. Matthew helped fix their tires and heads with the "drills" that were in the back of the Jeep... they even made a sound when you pushed the trigger.... er button. How he knew to run around and point them at people will always make me wonder- but at least now, next time he sees a play gun, he'll head to fill the tires up with air...

Yee Haw!

Ride 'em cow boy!
Matthew had a lot of fun on his new 'ride'. We'll have to hide the suitcases from now on!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

oh, no, it broken.

oh, no, it broken., originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

You know it's turning to a bad day when you see this out the back window of your car... after a thud- when you are pulling INTO the driveway...

figure I may as well blog about it, because everyone is going to hear about it any way....

no. I don't know HOW it happened, and nope, it wasn't on purpose. I wasn't being chased by police, there was no animal in the street... just happened.

Maybe it's because I'm pregnant? can I blame it on that? One of Erik's co-workers ran over a can of paint when she was pregnant... and she didn't even know it until her husband asked why she had paint all over her 2 week old car. see, stuff happens, I'm not the only one!

Sadly, our ride may have to look like this for a while...

dent in the van, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

yep. passenger door. know what though- the door still works! so yeah, people will see me coming and say "watch out for that driver!" but hopefully no one will wonder about the color of my neck, or if my kids got a rat tail and how long it is.... yuck. I mean, sorry if you've got one or ever had one, but they kinda have the same connotation as a mullet now, right? So if you did have one, you'd have to know that people make fun of you behind your back... oh, you didn't? Well, sorry.

I like Matthew's explanation of what happened best: "OH NO! Mail bok broken... car broken... mail bok a HIT car!!"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a crazy question from me

big boy bed, originally uploaded by Hillary Lang.

Because you know, when you don’t jump on the ball and do something, you just over think it…

Do you use quilts/ comforters in the summer?? Is it an individual preference thing you think, or a learned thing?? Matthew kind of uses his comforter now… but not really really… Erik and I are both the same in that we prefer to have some sort of blanket with some weight to it over us no matter what the temperature… me, I could live with the duvet year round, but Erik gets too hot and so we end up switching to our ‘coverlet/ quilt’ thing until he gets upset about it slipping off of the bed always… and then we switch to… well, I don’t know what it’s called… like a really thick sheet… which leaves me wanting more (I feel more protected, more safe with a heavier blanket over me…) but whatever… so since I’m over thinking this quilt/ duvet cover with race cars (maybe in an attempt to talk myself out of making it?) I’m worrying about its practicality and usage. Matthew never really did like blankets over his feet… one when he’s in the car, now, yes… one over his head when he was a baby, yep. but even when he was a baby in my belly, no blankets, thanks… I’d have to sleep with a blanket for my feet, and another for my top half… belly uncovered, even in the middle of winter.

OK- so if you can, post a comment and let me know how you sleep at night, and if the changing of the seasons changes that... and maybe I'll get brave and start thins thing any way... you just hate to put so much work and thought into something (and learning too- I've never really appliqued before) especially when your in an emotionally shaky state... but enough rambling on and on about it...

photo from Hillary's blog (wee wonderfuls)... my inspiration for what I want to try to make, but I promise a complete coincidence in the child's book shelf and color, and future IKEAshelves... though I did choose the stripey IKEA boxes because she had them...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Camera found!!

It never was REALLY lost... I just didn't know where it was for a little while. :)
While laying down with Matthew to get him to go to sleep tonight I started thinking "I KNOW it's somewhere!!" and well, it was. The last picture I took? of my mom trying to make a snow man in the snow... and then I'd have put it in my pocket... but I've checked my coat pocket a THOUSAND times!! A little more deep thinking reminded me that it wasn't in MY coat pocket because I wasn't wearing MY coat! I'd used my mom's coveralls... which were in the car waiting to be returned... ah HA! one check revealed it to be true... and the rest, as they say, is history.

Baby Girl has been moving A LOT today. Not that any of the moving is constant or strong enough for Erik to be able to feel anything yet- just a bunch of fluttery kicks and flips. We've got an acrobat- at least until she grows more and can't flip any more.

pull me up the hill!

pull me up the hill!, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

The snow also gave us opportunity for some sledding fun- our yard, I think, provides just enough of a hill for a little person...

oops! wait! I fell off!, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

oops! And just enough of a hill to fall off on your ride back up.

Monday, March 10, 2008

snow angel classes

snow angel classes, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

a few nights ago as we were playing outside, Matthew got a lesson in snow angels... he didn't quite get it...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008



baby girl profile, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

Just as we (and many others) predicted. She was modest for quite a while but the sonographer was nice enough to let me get up and go to the restroom and try again before calling it quits. We even had to poke at her a bit. While she was moving around a lot, her legs were curled tight.

baby girl's arms , originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

She was covering her fce a lot through the ultra sound and the sonographer said that seemed typical of a lot of the baby girls she saw- primping and messing with their faces, even before birth. Look at those beautiful arms and little finger bones. Perfect, right? :)

hi, how's it goin'?, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

"ok, bye now, see you in July!" She seemed to say near the end of our visit. Check that out... 5 little fingers. How cool.
She's been moving all around today, perhaps to say "mom... why are you sitting so still!?! Get moving!"

But my darling little girl, this cold of mine has continued and while the medicnes are helping me feel a bit better, they're making me quite sluggish too.