Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where have I been??

I've been keeping up with things around the house, wishing for warmer weather!

We've had a baby shower, and helped with a wedding shower.

We went shopping for and purchased a new van.

We FINALLY paid off our school loans.

We've also been to play at 2 different friend's houses and gong to a new mom's group- which was a music class "preview". Both kiddoes had a blast.

We're prepping for a visit this weekend from Erik's parents- which is meaning I'm spending a lot of time in the kitchen- cooking therapy, if you will. It's nice. I'm making sure to make extra large batches of everything so there's plenty to freeze for later meals- I'd wiped out all of my dream dinners a few weeks ago... speaking of which- I have a few more to show you... I'll get around to that... sometime.

Sophia is a full fledged crawler now. Climbing even up onto the shelf under our side table in the living room. Dear Lord please have mercy on me- don't give me a climber!!
When Sophia isn't crawling around- she's demanding in a very loud and shrill voice that I hold her.

Matthew is growing/ developing a lot too lately. "crafts" and painting have taken our afternoon time. A few weeks ago he told his first joke:
"why did the orange go to the doctor?"
"because he had a peel!!" hilarious- best joke I've ever heard.
He also told Erik and I a bedtime story 2 nights ago. I'll have to write that up for you sometime soon too... it'd be an awesome thing to make into a real book- with illustrations and everything... you know, if I was some awesome artist or something. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rag bib

rag bib

Sophia can sit- sort of. She forgets that she can and goes to grab a toy and then she loses her balance and falls over. She's been doing this for a while- since before she started eating solids- but she's much better at it now- she can sit for longer periods of time with no help.

her bib you asked about? Why yes, it is cute, thank you... I made it for her out of an old towel that we brought home from West Virginia... it was in Mary Jo's rag pile!! Got any more of these "rags" Mia? I Do think it makes a cute bib! It'll be even cuter once I am able to embroider it on my new sewing machine!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


yummy food!

Sophia has started solids!

SO- inbetween all of the illness that has been haunting us- and cleaning up and disenfecting so Matthew didn't get sick a third time... I've been making baby foods-

so far Sophia has tried:
Winter Squash
Sweet Potatoes
and Pumpkin