Wednesday, January 27, 2010

toy box

After reading about how Melissa at The Inspired Room does the "Meh test" I walked around my house and tried to see things with a fresh eye. Granted I do this from time to time any way, but lately my focus has been on what needs to be cleaned, not necessarily what I can or need to do to room to make it feel fresh, to make it feel beautiful to me (and those who see it).

After reading that post and walking around my house, I realized that most of our day to day living spaces were... well, they were fine. There was nothing WRONG with them, but nothing terribly exciting either... and so- I decided it was time to start freshening things up, so that when I walk into a room, I feel happy and inspired, and I'm not saying "meh..."

project number one: a toy box.

I've been wanting to add some toy storage to Matthew's room for a while now, we've had a wall that's felt empty ever since I moved the changing table out to the living room to employ it as a small desk and to freshen up THAT room this past fall.

First I thought I wanted the Hemmes storage bench from IKEA, but then when I saw the new pottery barn catalog, I was inspired (as it seems so many are out there today) by their new toy box:
But again- I didn't want to pay $200...

My mom had a toy box in her basement that she and my dad had rescued from the garbage. She told me that if I'd find something else for her to store the stuff that she'd been keeping in the topless toy box, I could have it....

Soon after, I brought it home:

I quickly got to work on this project and finished it in a week, a week- that's fast for me, especially considering we had a birthday party that weekend for our special soon to be 4 year old!

I lightly sanded and then painted it white
and then using the method as described by Layla at the lettered cottage, I added Matthew's name

the cost? well.... free! can't beat that!

I have more plans for updating our decor, 3 projects which I know won't cost me a dime. I plan on accomplishing those before I beg Erik for new curtains and blinds in our room... :)


Saturday, January 2, 2010

too cute not to share...

had to share a picture from our morning of pumpkin muffin/ donut making....
more of what we've been up to later in the week. :)