Thursday, February 18, 2010


ran across this post about un-toys a few days ago... it really got me (re) thinking.
We'll see what new things around here we can add into our play (besides the normal spoons, cups, and pans that Sophia drags out...) :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He's a lego maniac

Our Matthew has turned into quite the Lego maniac as of late.

For Christmas he got an Indiana Jones Lego set and he played with it quite a bit, then took a break... but these past weeks, it's the first thing he asks to play with in the morning, and the last thing he's playing with before bed time. Matthew has become quite creative.

He's adapted it to include his new favorite theme: Star Wars (more on how that came to be later- maybe tomorrow)

This is Darth Maul with his double ended light saber (life saver if you're Matthew, though I fail to see how those things have saved too many lives). And, when those poles aren't connected, each is a light saber for other characters.

Susan's boyfriend, Josh, showed Matthew how to use those apple baskets as backpacks/ capes, but the rest of it he's come up with all on his own.

Naturally, with so many little pieces, some are bound to be lost (currently Indiana J's hat, the guy in white, among other pieces). That does not deter Matthew- he finds a random building piece and ta-da! You have a battle droid.

He's even made a y-wing

I need to call the Lego company, we need to get a commercial deal. :)

* I feel the need to explain that Matthew has not seen any Star Wars movie- he received a toy, found an old poster and then began asking many questions. He's been shown a few select movie clips by his dad and they've played some Lego Star Wars "together".

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

hair bow organizer

After seeing Carrie's bow organizer, I decided it was time Sophia had one too. I was glad that Carrie thought a larger one would work, because I had this 16 x 20 frame in the basement. I'd already painted it white, though I don't know what I'd previously planned to do with it...

I cut wood for the back of the frame and then layered batting and fabric on top, because it was what I had on hand and because it would match Sophia's room (I've previously made curtains and a cushion for a little seat for her). I then evenly spaced ribbon down the length of the board and attached it to the frame with the prongs that were intended for the back of the frame (missing, along with the glass). I think this look would also be adorable with a few small frames with various fabric hung together as a collage...

no pictures of the process or it hanging with bows on it because my camera is broken. nice huh? Luckily my sister has her old camera that shes going to let me use until we get a new one (Susan, I need to get that from you), which will be... Christmas maybe?

again- I'm linking up... because that cupcake tower looks awesome.