Tuesday, November 24, 2009

getting in the making mood

I've been making a lot of things this past few weeks.... birthday stuff, hair bows, plates.... While I do love making stuff, I felt exhausted and wanted to STOP!!

Then I saw this.... and my heart melted!
Usually Matthew when wants to make cookies or something, he'll help add a few ingredients, and then he's done... have fun finishing up and cleaning up mom, I'm off to play super heroes.... but ya know, he's older now, and those turkeys don't require as many steps as making cookies from scratch- the bonus is, you can stop when the kids are ready to stop- no need to feel like you're being wasteful if you don't finish" all of the ingredients are eatable on their own (which is also a bonus for little workers to keep working and snacking....).

Still, just to be sure, I had some assistance with lunch today:

He did great- the best cheese ripper I've worked with in a long time (hardy har-har)
So intensely was he working... I was even told that I'd better stop taking pictures because I was messing him up... :)

While I think we'll try a variation of the turkey cookies Shi mastered, I'm excited that my little guy is finally ready to try to create something again... I'll bet even Sophia will get in on the action...

I think we'll plan on making these on Thanksgiving day and ringing some to Erik's Aunt and Uncle- if the attention doesn't divert to super hero stuff right after the first cookie is made. :)

just awesome

Apparently, you're never safe....
Cribs recalled
No- that's not the type of crib we have though.

I remember when we were searching for a crib, I was hoping to find one with the metal brackets for the drop side, but they weren't making them any more (wonder if that was 'recalled' too). Susan has mentioned that it's difficult to raise a baby over the rail- wonder if a non-drop side crib would be easier... if not, I'll hold on to my drop side until you have kids Susan, and they can be just as unsafe as we were (apparently) when we were kids.... :P Livin' on the wild side....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank you Frances!

A star is EXACTLY what the plate needed.... I LOVE it.

I've been really busy trying to get Erik's party together, and now gettin ready for a craft show at Erik's work- really excited and nervous... :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birthday wishes*

Erik mentioned to me that he'd really like for someone to fix or pay for someone to indefinitely fix our drippy shower or the refrigerator that seems to have sprung a small leak on the bottom- as his birthday gift!!
Can you believe it??
He usually has a list of games and movies, but now he's wanting practical things!! He really is getting old(-er)... (and I'm secretly thrilled... now I won't be the only one with things like "Lowe's gift card" on my Christmas wish list... :P)

guess I should clarify: he still is wishing for
the New Super Mario Brother's game
the Zelda game for the DS
and Ratchet and Clank but that's a lot smaller of a list than it was a few years ago.

*because someone asked, though I'm not saying who...

Monday, November 2, 2009


have I mentioned how much we love our swings?

or more so how much I love pictures of the kids swinging?

so dang cute. even when they do their cheesy smile... which by the way, I love.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hope you got lots of candy!

And that you are treating yourself to a wonderfully delish breakfast this morning. :)