Monday, September 22, 2008

in need of a good laugh?

Matthew will provide.

So we're home- and with POWER!
I was downstairs working on the computer, catching up on e-mails when I hear a ...

"i need a go pee pee!"
So I run into the play room and scoop Matthew up- taking him directly to the bathroom where I sit him on the potty... a bit goes by, and he finished up.
"Ma-hoo ah done." then as he stands up "more?"
so I turn him around and stand him on the stool... so he'd be standing up to tinkle...
"oh no!" he gasps "ma-hoo poop on da floor!"

I burst out laughing. What a great observation.
Yes my dear son, if you are stanging up to tinkle, you'd poop on the floor... so lets not do that again

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OH, Nooooooooo...........I laughed the whole way into the kitchen!!! B-bop had to run to read the post. That Matthew!!! Did he just make that observation or.... OH, Noooooooooooo...