Monday, September 22, 2008

her 1st visit to the zoo

her 1st visit to the zoo, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

We headed to the zoo with Susan 2 weeks ago (she left for her job in DC today! *sniff sniff*).

T'was Sophia's first trip there. She did well.

Matthew, er... I mean Batman, loved the park the best.

batman visits the rinos, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

While Matthew played, I nursed Sophia. I've come to accept the fact that we'll never go any where unless this is done. With Matthew I was very hesitant, running to the store just after he'd filled his tummy, once leaving a full shopping cart to go to the car to feed him, and then to go home. Not this time- I'd never get anything done, and it's much more practical to just bring a sling and take care of business. I could be kidding myself, but most times, I don't think anyone knows, she's covered well enough that she looks asleep, but you can still tell she's a baby, so there's a little bit of mystery...

Well at the zoo this day it was HOT. No way was I going to be able to cover her enough to leave no suspicion all... but just enough. Any how this lady heads over towards me from the other side of the park, passes two benches and sits down on the other end of my bench. Makes me nervous... what does she want? why is she sitting so close? You know- the deal with personal space??
So any how, she sits there a while, looking at me quite often. I think she maybe thought I was nursing Sophia, but couldn't tell and so she decided to come over and take a look? (weird IMO) So I pay close attention to her with my motherly protective instincts... as soon as she looks away after a little bout of staring, I fix myself up and pull Sophia up to burp her. The lady looks over again, and then stands up to leave. Thank goodness!
I still have no idea what her deal was... was she trying to check it out so she could be rude and tell me about how I should go home? (hope not- we're one of the states where that'd be illegal!)Was she going to give me a thumbs up? who knows. Guess I needed one of these.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that Batman was there to protect you ladies from the peacocks & ducks.

I love the cards - I have never seen those :) I always thought about carrying around a copy of the state law in the diaper bag. Those are much more entertaining. - f

cbk said...

I think you are okay as long as you don't turn into this: (and I quote, from a friend's Facebook status) "I just saw a lady nursing a baby. walking out of wal mart. pushing 2 carts. with 3 other kids." haha :)