Friday, September 19, 2008

in the dark

well- not this weekend. We still had no power at our house as of this afternoon so we've run to West Virginia for a visit this weekend- HELLO ELECTRICITY!

It's amazing how wonderful cold anything will taste after a week of not having it right at your fingertips... I mean we are fortunate enough to have my parents so close by that we can visit them for meals- but MAN. This morning- I are nothing at all because I had no milk for cereal and no way to toast anything thing... and even if I could have toasted a bagel or a piece of bread- there was no butter or cream cheese to put on it... so really all I could think of for breakfast- crackers or Peanut butter and jelly.... now I LOVE me some peanut butter... but for breakfast.. when not on warm toast?? I dunno...

I'll see if I can't upload a picture or two while we're here so I have something cute to share... this and the last post with no pictures leave me feeling like I need to work on feathering my nest

Good potty news on Matthew- he went one day this week with only making poops (as our friend Lily calls it) in his diaper. The rest of the time? well, lets just say he doesn't realize he needs to go until he's gone... or he only gives a moments notice, like "ma-hoo need a pee-pee..." and then you really only have time to pick him up before he lets loose.... so you can see why we're still wearing diapers... I mean, hey- we have no way of getting our laundry done at our house...

I wonder if Matthew would do any better if we had any of these.

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