Friday, May 30, 2008

Not for the faint of heart (or stomach)

SO ya know how people always talk about how new parents talk a lot about their baby's poo and it's color and frequency and smell and such? Well I think that for the most part, Erik and I have done a good job of keeping it on the DL. Not today my friends. I've had such an 'incredible' experience, I mustn't keep it to myself.

SO- we've been working a little on potty training... at least, last week we were, then Matthew got his leg pinched between the toilet and the seat and things haven't been the same. He WAS doing GREAT, and now (then?) was terrified to be put near the toilet. Now we're talking the BIG potty here. The boy will have nothing to do with using the "sticky" potty chair or smaller seat that you sit on top of the potty to fit it for little bottoms. Nope, his rear must be held in place.

After a week of going back to the diapers, hoping and PRAYING that he'd forget about the pinching incident, we decided to get back in the saddle again... break out the buzz undies (sorry- I was going to post a picture and then decided not to considering that it'd be out there on the Internet for ANYONE to see), pull out some M&M's and go at it. and he did well yesterday, and this morning. Both days I put him in "button-up underwear" or "nap time underwear" (fuzzy bunz) for nap time, and then changed him back in to underwear afterwards.... well today...

he sat on the potty after his nap, but nothing happened.
1- he went to play in the living room.
2- I followed him in
3- he said "Ma-hoo poo now"
4- I noticed the extra load in his underwear and
5- promptly ran him to the potty to clean out his unders and let him finish his business
6- he threw a fit about the toilet hurting him, so I sat him on his potty chair
7- he licked his hand
8- he told me he had poo in his mouth
9- he threw up.
After that- I tossed him into the tub to rinse him off, cleaned up the mess while he was sitting in the tub screaming, wrapped him up in a towel and met the UPS man at the door.
You can only imagine that I was less than thrilled at the thought of putting Matthew back into underwear, so figuring I'd seen and cleaned up enough of a mess for one day, I put a pampers diaper on him and took him outside to play until I was sure that his tummy wasn't going to unload again.

the upside of my afternoon??
I'm certain that after a few kicks in the same spot on/in my belly, that the small hard spot I felt was a foot. There was about an inch long bumpy area that led to a small section of toughness, that ended in a point. I don't know if I'd gained too much weight with Matthew to notice such details, or if I just never thought to try. I really hope that I have the opportunity again soon- when Erik is home to experience the wonder with me.

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