Thursday, May 1, 2008

freshcut chair padding

fresh cut chair padding, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

To go along with the lamp, I took this wicker chair that I rescued from the trash. I've had it since back in the portrait studio days, and have just been unable to let it go. There's something so appealing to me about small furniture- such a cuteness to it that I can not resist.

The chair was scratched pretty badly, and as you can see, is missing the decorative wicker trim that once was across the bottom (or can you tell that it's missing...?). It also had a warning sticker on the seat of it- you know, one of those silly things companies have to put on there "no standing, this is a chair, this is a prop" sort of thing. After a new coat of spray paint, I think she looks pretty good, don't you?

I made a pattern for myself by tracing the shape of the seat on some newspaper, and then by giving myself a 1 inch seam/ stuffing allowance. I added in some ribbon on the back to make it able to attach to the chair. It's a bit puffy now, but after a few good sits from a little bottom (mine is too big, or I'd be hanging out here often) it should flatten out a bit.

another task to check off the list... 9 more to go... for this room.

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erik.horrell said...

Matthew has his doggy chair for time out and our little girl will have her flower chair for time out. I'm sure she'll be in it less than Matthew is in his...