Monday, March 9, 2009

Deal Seeking Mom
so- me trying to be a "deal seeking mom"- went to the store this morning for Kroger's '$10 Mega Event'... not a cheap trip but...
money spent:$151.47 (that I don't feel is an accomplishment...)
Kroger plus savings: $41.21
coupon savings: $24.50 (which I'm VERY proud of)
this, despite the free toilet paper being sold out- I ended up getting 2-2 pack double rolls... which looking back I should have passed on since I can always go back later in the week and look for the free stuff... but, come on now... am I really going to go back? Probably not- and I can always print those coupons again if I do.
overall it was a very frustrating trip for me... the TP was gone, the sour cream that was on sale was gone... the guy who bagged my groceries did a HORRIBLE job. (a large container of yogurt with my eggs- he dropped my light bulbs on the floor, 5 of my bags had holes in them when I got home and 4 items fell out of bags either in the van or on the way up to the door...) Matthew kept wining asking to go home and fussing because he didn't have a drink, Sophia wouldn't sit in the cart, and we had to make a rush potty trip- and ended up in the guys bathroom because the ladies bathroom was full... but now I'm home and almost everything is in it's place- so all is right in the world again. I feel really bad about complaining to Erik about how the trip went- I should know that I just need to keep to myself about junk like that until it passes and I can sit back and look at it with a more humorous attitude... I'm sure I gave a ton of people a show as I frustratedly tossed my bags into the van and tried not to cry. :)


Erik Horrell said...
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Erik Horrell said...

I'm proud of you for trying so hard to get the most out of our grocery money! Sorry it was a rough trip. :)