Friday, March 6, 2009

Trip to the zoo

ask and ye shall receive: we had some nice weather! I'd been waiting and wanting good weather for a long time now!

Yesterday my mom went to the zoo with us!

Matthew points to the animals

Matthew noticed animals, and named a few- before he's just mostly been interested in running around.

conquering fears

my mom crawled into a hole to look at some ducks (I think). We were at the penguin exhibit and they had an area you could crawl up into to see what it looked like under water.

Matthew thinks he's taking a picture of the crocidile

Matthew thought he was taking pictures of the animals- turned out he just captured himself. :)

Matthew hides from the crocidile

Matthew was very unsure of the crocodile- hiding behind a post seemed like a good plan.

and we spent the rest of the time with all of the other kids- at the playground...

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