Monday, March 23, 2009

a small picnic table

I deserve a pat on the back for lots of thinking! :P

One of my goals for this year-ok, my main goal- my new year's resolution even- is to fix up the outside parts of our house- make the back yard a nicer place to play is looking to be the first part that will be accomplished. This weekend we cleaned up the rest of the sticks leftover from the storm(s) we've had in this area this year. Last week I looked up plans for a child's picnic table (and I found them! There weren't any out there 2 years ago...)

Today I spent some time price shopping- I didn't want this project to get out of hand and end up costing us more than a plastic one would have- my goal here is to save money- the fact that a wooden one looks nicer is just a bonus.

I called Lowe's to ask about pine and prices- I actually thought to ask if that was the cheapest type of wood… it is not- white wood is about ½ the cost- and since pine would have to be painted any way- there is no difference! Then I realized as I was figuring prices for that… we have wood in the basement- wood that Erik want to get rid of!! Some of it is actually 1’x3’- which is what is required for this project! So by using that wood, I cut the cost down to as little as $15.25 plus taxes…. But then… as I realize that another piece in the basement is 1’x6’-As I'm looking at it I’m thinking “that just does not seem substantial enough. I know I’d be disappointed (or diskapointed as the Butcher would say) to have a finished project and that’s what there is for a little bottom to sit on- plus it kinda looks like it’d break if an adult sat on it- I’d hate to have to say to someone “don’t sit on that!!!” It’s made for sitting, after all. So- I hop online and take a look at online prices in our area… for 2’x4’s. I’m figuring a little more math will have to be done to figure the benches and table top since they were supposed to be made by 1'x6’ pieces of lumber- but alas- they make 2’x6’ pieces of white wood too- at ½ the price of a 1’x6'… AND we already have a treated piece of 2’x4’ in the laundry room- which can’t be used for an eating surface- but there is just the PERFECT amount for the legs- and So…..

LONG STORY SHORT: I’ve worked the table cost down to about $12.11 plus tax.!

and my parents have paint leftover from when they painted their hand me down picnic table...

so... if the rain holds off all week, this weekend we may be making a picnic table....

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't rain....

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Anonymous said...

You make me laugh.
But I understand your motivatio. I myself made a small picnic table last summer from scraps of lumber we had from the deck. Not to be outdone, but it cost $0.

I hope you got it finished and the kids can enjoy.