Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We're all stayin' alive this week...

and it's been a busy week...

The story of what happened to my Grandparents on Monday as told by my mom:

Mom felt sick after eating lunch - thought it was the food, went and lay down on the bed.
Dad checked on her a little later- couldn't get her out of bed.
Sat down in his office chair to call someone but seemed to pass out.
Grandma and Grandpa say now they could both hear the phone ringing (it was Margaret, their neighbor) but couldn't get to it.
Mom said she was yelling for dad to come back to the bedroom - thinking he went back out to work in the garage.
She prayed that someone would come to the house. She could not get up.
After Margaret called several times, couldn't get anyone to answer, I would say God used her as a vessel and she came to check on them.
Margaret called Cindy and Kenny who came up right away. Cindy helped mom walk outside sitting her in a chair outside with a blanket. Margaret sat with grandma outside. Kenny called 911. Then they both pushed dad out in his 'wheeled' office chair - thank God that's what he sat down in as he was not responsive at all...Mom was barely responsive.
Fire dept, ambulances came, checked the house, took them to the hospital.
After receiving the oxygen in the ambulance, there was a world of difference in Grandpa - by the time they were in the ER, both were sitting and responding. They are expected to have a room together at the hospital tonight.
They had not seen each other since they left their home in ambulances...they each were asking about the other as they were in different ER rooms.
They are tired.

Thank GOD for his miracles.


cbk said...

Wow!! Glad they are okay. So what actually had happened to them?

Sara Hamilton said...

Gosh. That's crazy. I am glad that they are doing better now. Carbon Monoxide poisoning????

Kent & Paige said...

yes, thank god for miracles.....good to hear they are ok. What was wrong?