Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So- this is the game that Nick (and Carrie) brought over when we watched Shiloh last week... I didn't really get to play, but it sure looked like fun- so much fun that Erik and I went out the next day to look for a deal on it... no deal found, but Erik did help me to realize that I had money leftover from birthday gifts- and thus I present to you, the first game I've ever purchased for myself- Boom Blox.

There are different types of games you can play, and different techniques. I think my favorite is where you play against another player (sorry, no online play available for this Wii game as far as I know...) throwing baseballs at blocks to knock them down for points.
I've had to shy away from playing lately though... While I realize that my time to play during nap time is limited (In about a month nap time will be the best sleeping time of all for me), I also realize that I have a book to finish, and another book to start and finish- so that my mind will be fully prepared for this wonderful occasion.
I really am looking forward to the whole experience this time. We recently took a look at Matthew's birth video and it was INSANE. I looked like a 1/2 dead person- and people were treating me as such too. Looking back on the video of everyone taking their turns to stand by the bed, pat me on the arm and kiss me on the head, you'd have thought I was on my death bed- or in a casket. It really was that bad looking.
It all makes me feel really sorry for the gal I saw leaving the doctor's office the past visit. Her mom and grandma and little sister were with her... "Holy! The Doc-tor said she's 2 centimeters di-lated!! She's gonna go inta labor tonite!! That's what he said "tonite!!" I had to step in... the doctor is not a psychic. He can not know these things- she could walk around that way for another MONTH. They didn't care to hear what I had to say though- the doctor said it.... it must be FACT. (yet another example that it pays to be an informed consumer)

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