Friday, June 27, 2008

see ya later germs!

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So, it's official- We all HAVE to stay in good health now- mainly Matthew... if he gets a cold, they won't let him come to visit while in the hospital... I guess in reality they wouldn't know if he'd been sick or not- and it's our household and our sickness and they'd end up in the same house with in 2 or 3 days anyway...

There's a lot of silly stuff though that "they" do. In class last night we talked about mandatory (and optional) shots and tests... State law requires eye antibiotic be given/ used on the baby one hour after birth- they eye ointment's purpose? Preventing blindness caused be Maternal gonorrhea... um- yeah, we all need that done, right?
We were told 'off the record' that when no one was looking, we could wipe the stuff off... it's funny to me some of the stuff people can suggest as a simple solution to a 'problem'- a solution that I, in a million years, would have never come up with.
What?- you don't want those unnecessary exams in the late weeks of pregnancy that can cause pain and bleeding? Keep your clothes on. The Doctor isn't going to throw a fit about it- they're in a rush any way to get in and out... Luckily, I don't have to worry about that one- our Certified Nurse Midwife doesn't worry about that unnecessary stuff any how.

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Sara Hamilton said...

Wow! That is pretty crazy. I am sure that you'll keep that little girl safe! Little Leigha? Isabelle? Christa???? Give me something to work with here!