Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th concert

Hum... can you guess where we were? can ya?
Yep. A Weird Al concert is how we spent our 4th. It was VERY entertaining. The picture above is from one of his star wars parodies- YODA perhaps? They had a screen set up above the stage so that in-between costume changes, they could play snippets of interviews and other stuff that Weird AL has done over the years. Erik said that he thinks a lot of the things were from a TV show that Weird AL did at one point. While a lot of it was really funny- some things were a bit risquee too.. but what did you expect from the guy who made UHF?

a happy fan, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

Yep. Erik was a happy guy to be there, and I've heard that Matthew was pretty good for his night out too- that'd be all night out- as in away from home sleeping and waking up somewhere else. Thanks Memee and Poppie- we know he had a blast.


Mia said...

This concert must have been a blast from the past for Erik!! By the way, what is UHF?? Maybe I don't want to know. :-)

Erik Horrell said...

UHF is one the funniest movies EVER! Ok... its not oscar worthy or anything, but it makes me laugh. I think I'll watch it again tonight!