Friday, July 11, 2008

morning cartoons

morning cartoons, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

Matthew's mornings now... wake up, come get mom out of bed, request chocolate milk, take a sip of chocolate milk, pass it back to mom and request to go downstairs...

usually it's Curious George at 8:00
followed by Clifford the Big Red Dog at 8:30
after that, Matthew will usually turn the TV off by himself and head into the toy room to play. The toy room has turned into a disastrous place... yesterday I attempted to clean most of it up- and was successful, until it got to the kitchen toys- at that point, I was requiring that Matthew do SOMETHING by himself- and he wasn't having it- so the toy room was closed for the remainder of the day. Maybe we'll try again today, just so I can vacuum, and then I'll just let the toy room be a disaster area- only requiring that the toys upstairs be cleaned up, and bringing in a shovel to push things aside when I need to make a path way to the laundry room...

and- if you haven't noticed, my goal has been to post something once every day so that you don't 'worry' thinking that I've had the baby and no one told you... although I'm feeling pretty much like a slacker these days- and there's not too too much exciting planned for next week other than toilet cleaning and grocery shopping- so unless you want to see a toilet before and after- you can just assume that I'm still here keepin' on until you hear otherwise. :)

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