Thursday, June 26, 2008

nursery curtains

nursery curtains, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

yeah- finito!

They turned out pretty cute looking, if I do say so myself. I think I could have placed the ties a little closer to the edge, and it was obvious when My mom helped me hang them that I used too heavy of a fabric- the edges there had to be pinned up. I doubt that the Pottery Barn Kids window treatments that they were based on had to be pinned... (They don't sell that style any more...)

Now I just have to make a cover for the baby bumper and a fitted sheet and we're set for a July baby's arrival. Not that I'm hoping she decides to head out any sooner than she needs to (pun actually not intended...), I still have way to much other stuff I want to get done before I'm bombarded with baby sweetness.


cbk said...

wow, super cute!! i love them. perfect for a baby girl's room. you should teach me how to sew! (have i pleaded this case with you before? haha). and then we'll also convince nick i need a sewing machine. mmk? :)

Leslie said...

I could teach you to sew a straight line! A lot of my sewing skillz come from my head as far as figuring out how to put something together... I've really only used a REAL pattern once- with my mom's help- but yeah- grab some fabric and some stuffing and we'll make a decorative pillow! :)

Sara Hamilton said...

That looks great! You know, Hilary, Lindsay and I want to start a once a week craft night? Anyone up for it?

Leslie said...

I know I'd be up for it- but doubt I'd really be able to participate for a while... :( well, maybe for a week or 2 if it started like- now. :)