Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Camera found!!

It never was REALLY lost... I just didn't know where it was for a little while. :)
While laying down with Matthew to get him to go to sleep tonight I started thinking "I KNOW it's somewhere!!" and well, it was. The last picture I took? of my mom trying to make a snow man in the snow... and then I'd have put it in my pocket... but I've checked my coat pocket a THOUSAND times!! A little more deep thinking reminded me that it wasn't in MY coat pocket because I wasn't wearing MY coat! I'd used my mom's coveralls... which were in the car waiting to be returned... ah HA! one check revealed it to be true... and the rest, as they say, is history.

Baby Girl has been moving A LOT today. Not that any of the moving is constant or strong enough for Erik to be able to feel anything yet- just a bunch of fluttery kicks and flips. We've got an acrobat- at least until she grows more and can't flip any more.

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