Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birthday wishes*

Erik mentioned to me that he'd really like for someone to fix or pay for someone to indefinitely fix our drippy shower or the refrigerator that seems to have sprung a small leak on the bottom- as his birthday gift!!
Can you believe it??
He usually has a list of games and movies, but now he's wanting practical things!! He really is getting old(-er)... (and I'm secretly thrilled... now I won't be the only one with things like "Lowe's gift card" on my Christmas wish list... :P)

guess I should clarify: he still is wishing for
the New Super Mario Brother's game
the Zelda game for the DS
and Ratchet and Clank but that's a lot smaller of a list than it was a few years ago.

*because someone asked, though I'm not saying who...