Tuesday, October 6, 2009

candy corn

Done! and before Halloween week even!
Granted I don't think it turned out as cute as it looked in my head, but I'm happy I tried something new.
Found the shirt on clearance at Target for about $1.50- and though I wish it were white, plain t- shirts are hard to come by, especially in the fall- so I went with it. Only used what I had on hand (awesome!) and had it started and complete within the evening (even better.). Seems large on Sophia- but maybe she'll be able to wear it next year too.... if she decides to stay where she's at for a while and quit growing so much bigger than she "should" be. :)


Anonymous said...

now we need to see her in it!!

Joo said...

She is pretty as she "should" be ;)

I agree, lets see her in it!

Anonymous said...

Has she worn it yet???