Thursday, May 7, 2009

saving money

last month I didn't do so hot on saving money on our grocery bill- or maybe I just stocked up?
I think that a large part of the issue was that we were traveling or out of town 3 out of the 4 Sundays in the month- which equals no paper, no new coupons, and no easy way to sit down at the table and deal search with everything spread out in view.
Any how- I'm hoping to do much better this month with the help of coupon bloggers and coupon clubs in the area. I'm going to be hot on the bargan hunting trail, I'm going to rev up my thinking cap and really dig in.
Erik promised not to spend any money on games this month-except to buy the new punch out game... with that in mind...
Meijer is having one of their savings days for Meijer credit card holders. This time, you save 5% on grocery items also (check out your Sunday ad- or the online version)- so although I didn't think there would be a need to go to the grocery store this week (which was part of my plan to save $ on the grocery bill this month), I'm thinking that by going to stock up on necessary items that are on sale, especially those that I have a coupon for, I'll help out the savings bill even more.

Sorry Erik.
I know this makes it difficult for you to keep up your bargain- especially since Sophia has a doctor's appointment in the morning- and you'll likley have to go to the store with me after we pick you up from work tomorrow... but I know you can resist the temptation... I have faith in you!


Joo said...

You can do it EEK!!! I will catch a lot of fish and mail it to you! - that way you won't have to go buy fish in the store :)

Sara Hamilton said...

I wish that I could be so savvy! I am lucky to just use coupons from the paper!