Wednesday, May 27, 2009

making money

hum... seems to be a common theme here latley...
we've got schooling some kiddoes on the mind... and we're thinking it'd be nice to get ahead before we fall behind. :)

I'm looking for a kid or 2 to watch here at my house- it'd be great to make at least $100 a week- and that's really the top priority on the wish list.

It'd also be nice if the kid could walk and maybe be old enough to play wtith Matthew, but then again he sometimes does great playing with Sophia- and she can't do either of those... so there ya go.

Not much blogging going on these days- seems we've found enough to do with Summer weather, cleaning up the house, attempting to learn to walk... the list goes on and on... maybe someday things will pick up... someday.

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