Wednesday, April 22, 2009

little things

it's the little things in life that really make things fun-

Yesterday we went to the dollar store because we'd heard a rumor that there were spiderman floaties/ waterwings- We found them and Matthew was VERY excited- when we got home he had top strip down to his underwear to put allof the floats on explaining that “it says no clothes”.

Sophia is currently next to me, screaming her head off in anger because the play cookie that Matthew just served her is not chewable as she'd hoped. Sorry little girl- you have to wait until July 23rd for a real treat like that!


Kent & Paige said... cute. So glad you're enjoying being a mom. How are you?

miss ya'll


Joo said...

i didn't get to see the floaties when i was home this weekend!!! I saw the superman costume...hhmm...maybe next time!