Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rag bib

rag bib

Sophia can sit- sort of. She forgets that she can and goes to grab a toy and then she loses her balance and falls over. She's been doing this for a while- since before she started eating solids- but she's much better at it now- she can sit for longer periods of time with no help.

her bib you asked about? Why yes, it is cute, thank you... I made it for her out of an old towel that we brought home from West Virginia... it was in Mary Jo's rag pile!! Got any more of these "rags" Mia? I Do think it makes a cute bib! It'll be even cuter once I am able to embroider it on my new sewing machine!!


Anonymous said...

WOW!! You are so creative!!!!I had no idea those old rags could be put to such good use!! Bob would love it if you raided our towels - he always complains about the ragged ones. I like them because they are so soft. By the way, our beautiful little Sophia is a great model.

cbk said...

Cute!! You are so talented. I would still love for you to give me some tips with the sewing machine one day...??

Also, you got a new machine... how exciting!! When you learn how to embroider... let me know!!! I love love monogrammed things!!! ;P