Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good things and messes

Susan's graduation cook out, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

We went to Target this morning with Aunt(ie) Susan. Aparently it was just what This baby girl needed to help her move back into her straight forward head down, 'dropped' position. I'm really glad she moved back- it's a lot more comfortable than her previous zig zag position that was giving me a bit of pain on the left side... Yep, this is better, even if I do feel like I'm constantly about to pee in my pants.

In other good news, Sara's started a blog!

now for the mess... it was only a water mess, easily cleaned up- but the funny thing is that I heard Matthew making the mess... so as I headed up the stairs, I sang "Matth----youooo what arrre you dooo-ing??"

"A Ma-you do dis... a min-it mommy!" came the response. Too cute a response.

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