Wednesday, April 30, 2008

my worker bees

my worker bees, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

yep. I've been taking the role as queen bee latley and I've been putting my worker(s) to work. "nesting" in the baddest way- as Erik put it. Everything has to be done and I want it done NOW!!!
Erik laughs at me.. "like the baby is going to care if the kitchen outlets are shiny and new! HA!" but ya know- to me it matters... I think a lot of it is me trying to finish up anything around the house that bugs me- I figure I'll be here more, and be less able to get tasks accomplished, and that is why, my friends, the paint on the ceiling in the bathroom- never bothered me before... but now it MUST be re-painted white like the rest of the ceiling... and it must be done NOW! THIS weekend.
With Derby this weekend, MAYBE I can let us a bit and we can just hang out and enjoy ourselves... I just know that we theoretically have 12 weekends left... and that at least one of those shouldn't be counted- because there will always be surprises...or because my belly will be too big, and get in the way of MY productivity. Two of those weekends are graduations for our sisters... and one of them is a yard sale (where we'll hope to get rid of all the 'junk' around here, you know- piles of stuff that didn't bother me before- but now it needs to get out of the house NOW!)... leaving us with...10 weekends!! A mere 10 weekends to complete it all...

sleepy boy!, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

So, yeah. I'm a slave driver for now.

Can't even swing around here with out passing out from exaustion because of the morning's work.

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Christopher.t.allen said...


I really enjoyed your site-Matthew has grown up so much since I've last seen him. You guys did a great job on the kitchen remodel.

Take care,

Chris A.