Thursday, April 3, 2008


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Yep. I've been missing- and for no real reason at all... Just hanging out at home in my slippers... well, not really. I've been getting stuff ready for a trip to Philly! We're headed out tomorrow and looking forward to the fun things to come. Today we recieved our itennerary from our Travel Agent and it goes something like this:

Monday: Day of rest! If you arrive and it is still daylight, we could take Matthew to a nearby park to play, or to Grey Towers Castle on campus.

Tuesday: Historic Philadelphia and the Constitution Center (we could take a "Duck Tour" if you'd like) and cheesteaks!

Wednesday: Depending on what time Stuart and Sarah arrive, the ladies can zip over to Ikea while the men whatch the kiddies.

Thursday: Reading terminal in the morning -- Please Touch Museum in the afternoon (better to go here in the afternoon due to crazy class trips!)

Friday: Adventure Aquarium at the Camden Riverfront

Saturday: free day!


man! Makes me want to take a nap...

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Well- I don't know if I need a nap THAT bad!
(I don't see how this could be more comfortable than last time...)

****WOW! I didn't even know what a Duck tour was before posting this- looks like a TON of fun!****

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