Monday, November 19, 2007

Lost Boy Found

I don't think I've ever been so truly frightened in my life!

I'm watching a friends child today, he and Matthew were having a great time playing...I could tell that W and Matthew were getting tired…. So I gave W a book and some toys and a coloring page and told him that I was going to rock Matthew to sleep and that I'd come back out when Matthew fell asleep, we took a potty break… went to rock Matthew to sleep, not hearing much noise thinking "it worked, W is asleep too!" I expected to come out and see W asleep in his book on the computer room floor, right where I left him… but… he wasn't there.
A glance into the living room and the kitchen… no W… Matthew's room? My room??? No… the bathroom?!?! No! I start to panic… where has he gone? I did have him this morning, Didn't I?!? Maybe he went to the basement?? No… in a closet? Under the bed?!?! No signs of him outside either. In a panic, I call Erik "I've lost W!!" I say, almost in tears... And as I walk around to pace in the living room, there is W, peacefully sleeping behind the chair, by the window.


erik.horrell said...

I'm surprised you didn't find him downstairs watching Cars...

Leslie said...

yeah... "when is it going to turn blue?"