Wednesday, February 13, 2008

that's the way the day goes sometimes.

our toilet is clogged- there's a ton of TP in there. I've been accused of using too much TP on more than one occasion, and so I'll take the full blame here... although I think I got enough of a bad wrap from Erik about it yesterday night.

this afternoon, I was making another attempt to 'fik' (fix) the potty... here's how the conversation went:

Me, as I’m plunging the toilet again, “Matthew… I think this is going to make me throw up… ya know??”
Matthew, “daddy halp”
Me, "yes, It’ll be daddy’s turn when he gets home. Hopefully we can fix it by then… did you put something in the toilet… like a toy or something??”
Matthew, “nooo”
Me, “are you sure??”
Matthew, "uh huh”
(hum… he must be telling the truth if his no was followed by a yes… he has to be listening to what I’m saying then huh?)
Me, “oh man- this is going to make me throw up! The toilet paper has like made the water really thick like”
Matthew, ”daddy TURN!... Daddy fik it!”
Me, “you think so- you think dad can fix it?”
Matthew, “uh huh.. daddy hammer, daddy fik it, a daddy tooos”

so glad it's 'daddy turn fik it'...

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cbk said...

that's not the way to spend my birthday, come on now!! ;P