Sunday, November 18, 2007

jumping right in

and why not? I've always been best at that-

guess I should start with a bit of an introduction? It's only proper.

hi. I'm Leslie, a stay at home mom to one. Sometimes a 'crafter', sometimes a bit of a photographer, always trying to be creative in things I do, make and my outlook on things. I should mention that I'm a bit of a procrastinator too- always looking for something "better" to do than say... clean the bathroom. Hopefully through this blog, knowing that there are people checking in on me, I'll get more done and have less lazy days- I'll need SOMETHING exciting to talk about... :)

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and we celebrated last night by going to The Melting Pot. It was a great night with a super dinner. We ordered the 'grand night out'- a meal that included a cheese fondue appetizer, a salad, a dinner plate of raw meats that you cook yourself at the table in your fondue pot (which kind of freaked me out) and a DELICIOUS fondue desert- we got to try the white chocolate with amaretto and the turtle chocolate fondue- super good stuff, a great place to go for a special occasion.

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