Thursday, May 20, 2010


I took Miss Sophia in for her first dental appointment last week. Erik and I believed she had a bad rotten tooth that would need a major filling, or might need to be pulled. It looked rotten to the core from what we could see.
Turns out the tooth wasn't rotten. She didn't have a cavity in that tooth at all. She instead has enamel hypoplasia... and a cavity in ANOTHER tooth... just a small one, but they took care of it right away any how- she was already upset, may as well get it over with, right?

It was a really traumatic experience- one I'm sure she is over, but I still cringe to think of. They had to use a papoose board. enough said.

I immediately took her to Target and bought her a princess toy. I know that was more for my peace of mind than hers, but, ya know.....

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mr.g said...

do you have any more photos of the papoose board if you do go to papoose board HQ