Sunday, May 23, 2010

coffee cozy

I made this to give to Erik's sister, Elissa, for her birthday. We visited her this weekend so we could go see her show, Forbidden Broadway. I made this for her for her birthday so we could gift it ala noodlehead.

see the iced coffee in the cup that's modeling?-I made that too...YUM!


The Kiefers said...

Oh my goodness... I LOVE this!!! I'm a huge coffee addict (and yes it's killing me trying to be good for baby #2). I so want one!!

Anonymous said...

I've heard, from you handsome hubby, that your iced coffee is VERY good... tho Im sure I just couldn't like it... and the cover is adorable...YOU are one talented MAMA and SIL!!

Coffee with a splash of Dream... said...

I LOVE my coffee cozy. I have used it everyday since you gave it to me! I bet you could get your local, privately owned coffee shops to carry them...just sayin'