Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Visit to Santa

When we were at Wal-Mart this weekend getting ingredients to make Chili, an announcement was made that Santa's sled had landed and he'd be in the garden center waiting for visitors.

Matthew decided he'd like to go visit...

going to see Santa

He didn't seem to think for a moment that he should be scared,
Sophia wasn't so sure...

"are you ok with this big brother?"

She looked at Matthew and seemed to say "Are you ok with this Matthew? This guy looks a little different than anyone I've ever seen before!"

Matthew cheesed it up for a picture, He's gotten quite good at that latley... :)

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cbk said...

Haha! I love the pic of Sophia looking at Matthew to get a second opinion. "Santa" was walking around at Meijer one day and came up to Shiloh and tried to talk to her and Shi didn't like it one bit! She thought he was so creepy (which was pretty true!). I guess it's a good thing that we won't be telling her Santa is real... she might be traumatized.