Thursday, December 18, 2008

Star Wars ornaments

our Star Wars ornaments

We have just over 20 of them.
I think it was our first Christmas together... I got reprimanded for putting them on the tree wrong... not in a fight sequence and also the wrong people next to certain people- they weren't even in the same movie!!

How was I to know?? ....
One thing I do know? I'm pretty glad that there wasn't room for this lady on our tree this year:

my "favorite" ornament

In all honesty and fairness, I don't think she's ever been on our tree, nor will she be, Erik just had to get her though because she was part of the series...


Stephen Heitz said...

I think the tree would look better with Princess Leia. Actually, I have never seen the movies nor am I interested in them.

Leslie said...

:) I think Erik has lost his interest in star wars stuff too... It all began when the director went back back added in some cheezy-fo-sheezy computer generated stuff to the originals