Saturday, December 20, 2008

baking cookies

buzz cooks

We've been baking cookies to give to gifts to people- just a little holiday cheer spread around... although we haven't been very good at getting them out the door yet, which means we've been eating cookies around here... which is not good... but hopefully we can solve that this weekend and deliver the bulk of them.

Not eating the cookies has been particularly difficult for me this morning... Last night I was having a lot of pain in my leg (OH NO! Sound just a little bit farmiliar??) No, really it's not that bad- but I did lay in the floor last night and promise not to eat any more of the cookies in the house if the pain would stop... after an hour this morning on the sofa with my trusty ole rice sock... I'm feeling much better... and it's been heck staying away from those cookies... :P


Anonymous said...

His name isn't Matthew, it is Buzz

Joo said...

I want some