Friday, September 12, 2008

little helper

little helper, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

On Sunday we had help installing a deadbolt to our front door. Not to keep people out, but rather to keep the little guy in. He'd found that he could unlock the door and escape. The day after he'd followed my mom and sister out the door while I was in the basement (they caught him as they began to head down the road) I woke up in a panic thinking I'd heard Matthew yelling from outside- that he'd gotten out, and then couldn't get back in. So, in order to keep our newborn safe too (because I'm sure whoever comes to take kids away from irresponsible patents would take her too if he were found roaming the streets) the lock was placed high so he won't be able to reach it for, oh, another growth spurt or three.

Thanks Bob for starting the job, thanks Erik for finishing the job and thanks dad for providing all of the tools.

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