Thursday, August 14, 2008

escape artist

escape artist, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

Sophia is an escape artist.
We got this blanket from a friend as a baby shower gift. It's a great swaddle blanket and we used it a lot right after we brought Sophia home from the hospital. She was sleeping a little bit too much though, and not eating enough- and since we needed her to be awake more often to eat, we quit using the miracle blanket during the day and decided just to use it at night... Sophia cracks me up, because even through she's wrapped tightly, in the mornings she looks like this.

In other news...
Matthew told us this morning that he and Memaw (and Mommy too) had a cake and ate it all. That must have been a good dream.

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cbk said...

Haha -- I remember finding Shiloh like that many mornings ... but it somehow still did the trick! And we only used hers at night as well... early on, she napped so frequently it was too much hassle to put it on her several times a day! So we would use regular blankets to swaddle... or she would get enough heat from being snuggled against Mommy or Daddy ... ;) Those days seem so far away already!