Wednesday, June 4, 2008


These are three books I'm interested in taking a look at/ owning soon:

Ina May's Guide to Child Birth, By Ina May Gaskin

The Birth Partner, by Penny Simkin

and Birthing from Within, by Pam England and Rob Harrowitz

all highly recommended from our Bradley teacher (and DOULA!!!) Angela.

also- for Matthew, I'm in search of a good deal on this book:
What A Baby Needs, from the Sears Children's library. We already have Baby On The Way, Which he loves... and looking now, I see that they also have a potty book.

There are a few of these books (Ina May's particularly) that I'll end up searching out on my own if not received this weekend... Though I don't really know what to expect, this was my gift last year...

newly sealed driveway, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

A re-sealed driveway, Which Matthew loved watching happen...

my 2007 birthday present, originally uploaded by SIMPLY.MADE.

and I loved because it helped things look better, and got rid of all of the weeds growing in the cracks. :)

Wasn't he the cutest 'baby'?? (from the back even...)

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