Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No pictures again...

So, Sadly our computer/ Erik's lap top won't connect to the Internet here, so I'm on borrowed computers and time... Pictures and descriptions will have to wait. :)

so... Monday we traveled and such- yesterday we went to the please touch museum- Matthew had a blast- if you ask him what he did yesterday, He'll tell you that he went shopping (in their kid sized grocery store) and drove a tractor.

We got to try some yummy cheese steak for lunch- and I was even able to eat, though I'd been feeling sick for a while... I think I'm better now (knocking on wood, crossing my fingers).

Today we're off to Ikea and to try to find me some dressier (non heeled) shoes for the Baptism. I have no ability to walk in heeled shoes now- none at all, I'm sure I'd end up flat on my face.

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Anonymous said...

hi gf!
they will let us do it anonymously - so do u know who this is???? ;-P
Mom and dad are not gonna tell you, "it is us!"