Friday, January 4, 2008

to slipcover, or not?

I think I like the slipcovers better, though usually slipcovers are not on the list of things I like... These give the sofa a much softer and more versatile look. Though I could fool myself into thinking I'll one day learn how to make a custom slipcover, I think store bought is the way to go, if we're going that way.... I still can't decide. I think that washing and ironing would help the look, but I'm trying not to put in that extra work if I'm just going to decide that the sofas look silly with them on... plus then how do return something knowing you've washed it?

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Sara Hamilton said...

I would say at least iron it to get a better idea of what it would look like. But, keep in mind that it will get wrinkled anyway from people sitting on it. So, maybe this is the best method of determining it's look. maybe you can sew and tack it in certain places to make it look more custom?