Friday, December 14, 2007

'Aah bewwer'

Matthew's been fighting a fever the past few days, but finally it broke. Today was the worst and we were lucky to have a good friend come to stay with Matthew while I had to go to a Doctor's appointment. Matthew slept most of the day, and then woke up at 7pm- mostly back to himself. I'm really looking forward to tonight, let me tell ya...

The quilt is complete and a new project has begun- A doorway puppet theatre for 2 little friends with big imaginations. I was able to sew most of the pieces together in one day, and do a little construction work the next while Matthew played with scissors- seriously. He found a pair of the "these only cut paper" kid scissors and sat next to me on his stool and attempted to cut at the paper, which mostly resulted in him tearing the paper because he couldn't open the scissors with only one hand- and you can't cut paper when you have two hands on your pair of scissors.

Picture post soon of the puppet theatre- I know i can finish it in no time if everyone around here stays healthy. :)

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